How Do Lesbians Have Sex?

To understand the concept of lesbian sex, one must first explore the definition of sex. Sex (also known as sexual intercourse, coitus, or copulation) was initially defined as the insertion and thrusting of an erect penis into the vagina for purposes of pleasure, reproduction or both.

That’s the definition you might get from a science textbook. However, sex also includes other acts such as anal sex, oral sex, fingering, and penetration through the use of a dildo.

When it comes to lesbian sex, it’s easy to think that they’re missing out because they can only do the sex acts that don’t require a penis. In this regard, you’d be wrong. Lesbians have their own way of giving and receiving pleasure that doesn’t require certain body parts to which they’re not attracted. Below are some of the interesting and exciting ways lesbians have sex:


With deft digits and a creative mind, lesbians can bring each other to orgasm with a flick of the wrist. Fingering is the use of fingers to stimulate a person’s genitals. The fingers can be used to pleasure the vulva and clitoris, or they can be inserted into the vagina. Fingering is also the sex act involved in mutual masturbation. This is when two women use their hands to touch each other’s genitals. Mutual masturbation also includes masturbating at the same time without touching each other.

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Cunnilingus is one of the highlights of lesbian sex. It involves the use of the mouth to stimulate a woman’s genitals. Many lesbians find this form of sex to be extremely intimate, and it is often considered to be one of the best ways to achieve orgasm. Cunnilingus may also involve other sex acts such as inserting fingers or a dildo into the vagina. It’s also possible for two women to engage in cunnilingus at the same time using the 69 position.

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Scissoring is a highlight of many lesbian porn films. However, many have complained that it seems more aesthetically pleasing than sexually pleasing. In reality, real, non-porn star lesbians actually do engage in scissoring. Also known as tribadism, scissoring is when women rub their vulvas together to achieve sexual pleasure. It may also be accompanied by fingering or the use of a strapon. When the alignment of the women’s genitals is just right, scissoring can be one of the most pleasurable sexual acts.

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With a Strapon

Some lesbians love penetrative sex. When fingers aren’t quite enough, some lesbians prefer to use strapons. Lesbian sex with a strapon involves one partner wearing a dildo on a harness. The one wearing the strapon penetrates her partner in a sexual act that mimics sex between hetero couples. One way to make lesbian sex with a strapon more interesting is by using a double sex toy. These sex toys penetrate both partners at the same time. Their movements serve to heighten the pleasure, allowing both women to achieve orgasm.

With Sex Toys

Not all lesbians want to engage in sex using a strapon. For many, using a regular dildo or vibrator with their hands is more than enough. Many sex toys are designed for penetrative sex. However, there are some toys that can be used only on the external genitalia. A popular example is the variety of sex toys that mimic oral sex. These sex toys have a soft suction tip that vibrates to stimulate the clitoris.

While lesbian sex is unlike the traditional intercourse heterosexual couples know, there’s no denying that lesbians are incredibly creative when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure!