How to Find a Trans Woman to Hook up with in London

London is widely regarded as the LGBT capital of the world, and it is not hard to see why. Members of the community flock to the myriad of entertainment venues in the British capital. A lot of non-LGBT people join them, many of whom in the hopes of meeting a trans woman to hook up with.

It’s possible to experience some disappointment because you’ll find an air of exclusivity even in some of these LGBT-friendly places. Gay men tend to dominate the scene and trans people are relegated to the sidelines.

People who aren’t into the club scene will turn to the internet. Traditional dating sites like Match don’t have the right categories for trans people, so it’s best to use sites specifically targeting this community. Believe us when we say it is well-represented in London.

How do you know which sites to choose? To begin with, steer clear of anything that screams shemales in London or something along those lines. TG Personals and TS Dates are two popular options in London. They communicate appreciation and respect for gender identity. The first one was even featured as a top site thanks to its intuitiveness and high quality. It has a vast number of categories, including intersex, trans male, trans female, androgynous, and more. Many trans people on here are specifically looking for non-trans partners. 

TS Dates, which caters to transsexual and transgender people, has over 78 million members. This site is very popular in London. It is top-rated in categories like value, active members, chance of getting a match, and privacy settings. It is also the number one site in terms of transgender dating traffic.

While dating is dating, there is a certain etiquette to follow if you’re a straight man who wants to meet a trans woman. Asking her if her hair or other body parts are real is discouraged. Trans women in London, as elsewhere, are asked this very often to the point of feeling like their dates are reading from a script. Questions like these will ruin the mood. There is hook-up etiquette for women too, so there is no reason to feel discriminated against. 

Even if sex is all two people are looking for, they still need to be respectful of one another. Ask the woman what she likes and enjoys and expect to be asked. We are all human beings, after all, and mutual respect is what propels humanity to move forward.