What lesbian horror film should you watch?

We’ve all heard (and some even seen) of Jennifer’s Body, which surfaced in Megan Fox’s heyday and probably wouldn’t have been noticed if she wasn’t in it. Often unfortunately overlooked as “lowbrow art”, this genre teems with variety, experimentation, transgression, and general weirdness that just isn’t seen in any other genreto quite the same extent.

Heavenly Creatures, 1994

Director Peter Jackson may be famous for “Lord of the Rings” now, but before that, he made Heavenly Creatures, the story of several 1954 murders committed by two teenage girls in New Zealand. This film marked the debut of Kate Winslet, who went on to make Titanic just 3 years later. Although the romantic link between the two teen girls was rumored, Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey have amazing chemistry even in their most painful times. If you haven’t seen this yet, do so soon – the views of dead bodies and bathtubs through the actresses’ eyes will haunt you.

Mulholland Drive, 2001

This movie is remembered for its intricate plot and the kisses of the main characters, played by Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring. Watts, an aspiring actress, meets amnesia survivor Harring, and they become an item even though really scary stuff is going on around them all the time. Nobody is who they seem to be, lots of murders happen, and even a corpse turns up in the characters’ apartment at one point.

The Moth Diaries, 2011

This is a weird, dark, and fun to watch lesbian horror flick, written and directed by Mary Harron of American Psycho fame. Harron delights in her favorite themes – sex, death, blood, and moths – and so do we. “The Moth Diaries” is a poignant, satisfying look at teenage girlhood and a welcome new entry in lesbian vampire cinematography.

All Cheerleaders Die, 2010

OK, I admit I added this largely due to the title. Still, it’s pretty interesting to watch, what with concepts like lesbian succubus zombiesbeing introduced. In the movie, unpopular lesbian Maddy joins the cheerleader squad to seduce Tracy, the squad captain. She succeeds spectacularly – in a conversation with her boyfriend, Tracy implies he could never give head as well as Maddy did. The boyfriend gets pissed and goes on a murderous rampage, killing off the entire squad. However, Maddy’s girlfriend is a Wiccan who resurrects the cheerleaders as zombies. Then, they sneak into men’s bedrooms at night and drink their blood to survive.